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    Key Modules


    The Objective Of The 'Admission Module' Is To Computerize The School's Admission Structure And Its Related Activity And Usefulness. The Target Of The Activity Is To Offer Help To The Organization And Confirmation Looking For Applicants By Giving A Quicker, Straightforward, And Simple Method Of Keeping Records And Use Them For Reference And Further Procedures.


    A Student Management Module Helps A School Manage Data, Communications, And Scheduling. A School System Generates And Uses A Large Amount Of Data. This Data Must Be Communicated Appropriately To Students, Faculty, And Parents. A Student Management System Helps Schools To Store, Manage, And Distribute This Information.


    This Module Holds A Register Of Understudy Students. It Tends To Be Through Biometrics, ID Cards, Or An Individual Log. This Includes The Period To Get In And Out Of The School, And The Measure Of Leaves Drawn. A Similar Procedure Refers To Faculties And Other Employees. Keeping Such A Register Can Help School To Automate The Attendance Process.


    Our Exam Module Maintain Exam Schedule. Keep Students And Parents Update. Institute Can Conduct Descriptive And Objective Type Examination, Generate Multiple Reports, Terminate The Report Card Printing, Reduce Workload For School Staff, Provide Instant Feedback On Student Progress And Access To View Their Results In A Single Click.


    Our Software Provides Seamless Communication, Instant Notification. And Cost-Effective Inbuilt Communication System Which Strengthens The Relationship Among Parents, Teachers, And Students. Using This, The Privileged User Can Send Instant Notifications Or Messages To A Large Group Of Audience. It Is The Most Comfortable Way To Send Reminders, Emergency Alerts, Text Messages And More.


    Fees Management Is One Of The Most Important Task. This Module Of Our Software Helps School To Manage All Such Work. Through This Module School Can Set Up Fee Structure, Check Fee Defaulter, Generating Invoices Reports, Reports Of Fee Management Can Be Viewed Like Daily Collection, Monthly Collection, Dues, Paid, Outstanding, Bus Fee Etc.


    Transport Management Module Is A Holistic, Integrated Student Transportation Management Software. Functionalities Include Bus Routing, Trip Management, Entity Management. It Is Collaborated With A Fleet Module To Manage The Vehicles And Their Maintenance.


    Leave Management Module Can Enhance HR Process Of School. Leave Management Is The Part Of HR Process. This Module Can Benefits To School Through Staff's And Student's Leave Maintenance, Leave Notification And Reminder, Track And Record Of Leaves, Create Leave Reports, Support Payroll Computing. Leave Tracking Is An Important Aspect Of The ERP. Leave Management With School ERP Software Makes The Whole Process Easy And Free Of Fuss.


    Inventory Management Ensures We Get The Best Returns On Our Expenditures On Much-Needed Assets, Tools, Resources, And Infrastructure In Our Schools And Colleges. Through This Module School Can Manage And Create Vendor Types, Manage And Create Inventory Categories, Maintain All Inventory Details From The Date Of Purchase.


    We Provide Complete Staff Management Solution To Increase Efficiency And Performance With The Help Of Managing Staff's Data Flawlessly And Precisely. Through This Module School Can Manage Employee Leaves And Attendance Management, Simplify Payroll Management, Staff Data Management, Increase Engagement In The Development Of School, Employee Appraisal And Feedback System, Improve Communication.


    School Payroll Management System Helps Institution To Organize Their Employee Data Properly For Easy Retrieval. Payroll Management System Provides Benefits To School To Deal With Employee Information, Details About Compensation Deduction Leave, Generate All Type Of Reports. This Module Is Fully Integrated With Other Related Modules.

    Time Table

    Timetable Management System Helps Schools Of Various Sizes In Scheduling And Managing Timetables Efficiently And Flawlessly. In A Single Click, Admin Can Allocate A Substitute Teacher To The Class In Case The Teacher Is Absent, Time Table Management Is Most Tedious And Effort Consuming Task For The School Staff. It Helps In Creating Time Table For Students Of Each Class Easily And Effortlessly.

    Why School Management Software ?

    In today’s world era, administration & management of school and colleges, has become a tedious and complex task. There are various activities and tasks, which needs to handle with careful planning, to the point control of the administrative process and systematic approach and communication to help students, their parents, teachers and even the management of the institution. Shahbajaj Technoserve provides a powerful web based school management ERP tool to manage all your administrative task with a single line integrated system.  With Our School Management Software Institute Can Manage All The Functioning Of The Academic Process From Anywhere And Anytime. With Our Software School Cam Manage Their Day To Day Activities Like Managing Admission, Attendance, Exam & Result, Payroll & Fees, Account, Transportation Etc. With Our School Management Software School Can Access Powerful Reporting And Analysis Tool To Automate All Their Administrative Activity And Task. 


    Our software is one of the most robust and scalable school management software encompassing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research, the software is easy to customize and equipped with several modules. User-friendly interface and affordability are two factors making it one of the most sought after software in the market. is unique in various ways. A long team of trained and skilled experts has designed its every feature and button with great care after carrying out extensive research while keeping all requirements in mind. Therefore, it proves useful for every kind of school and institution. 

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