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    Why use online exam software?

    The online test- taking software gives flexibility in designing papers, evaluating, and grading. It allows institutes to set several question papers for the same subject to avoid cheating between students.

    Our Online Examination System Features


    Tailored to the clients needs


    Highly Scalable cloud-based platform


    Robust Information Security and Data Privacy

    Feature Rich

    Variety of Question Formats and 6+ Simulators

    Frequently Ask Question (FAQS)

    Shahbajaj Technoserve   online examination platform ‘Examine’ – an end-to-end, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform – makes us one of the best online testing platforms. It ensures hands-on expertise without technical adaptability. Shahbajaj Technoserve recently accomplished a noteworthy feat of conducting over one lakh proctored assessments in a day, simultaneously hosting multiple universities and students. The company’s impressive load testing data further highlights its volume proficiency.

    Yes, online tests support Artificial Intelligence-based virtual proctoring features, three-step authentication, secure browser, etc. as anti-cheating measures. A host of futuristic anti-cheating methods and remote proctoring features lend excellent levels of authenticity to the exams. This assures the faculty of the validity of certificates and grades, giving them the confidence to embrace the digital medium.

    An online examination enables invigilators to conduct examinations remotely, using the internet. This fully automated system evaluates test-takers thoroughly and offers almost instant results. The evaluator assesses responses through an automatic or manual process. And the results are communicated to the candidates by email or posted on the website. Online exam systems feature several anti-cheating mechanisms to preserve the integrity of the exams.


    Conducting Online Exams is a 4-step Process

    1. Set-up Exams
    Upload multiple question types Configure Result Integrate with LMS

    2. Invite test-takers
    Bulk upload candidates Select time-slots Distribute customized invite

    3. Authorize & Proctor Test
    ID-based Authentication Credibility Score AI-based and Human Proctoring

    4. Get real-time Results
    Real-time customized result Share results in pdf, html formats

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